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Saint Coltrane / Weird Wives split 7"

£1.99 - On Sale

James and Olly from yh also play in Saint Coltrane:

Enjoyment Records present two brand new tracks of caustic sleaze-punk from Florida's Weird Wives and the UK's Saint Coltrane. This 7" represents both bands' debut single releases, pressed here onto two- or three-colour colour vinyl (see colour options below) with inserts, download codes and digital b-sides.

Saint Coltrane are based in Brighton, UK, and are made up of members of a local collective that comprises bands, artists, labels, blogs and a football team. Having formed on 1st Jan 2011, steadily gaining new ground as a live act - opening shows for Liturgy, Gay for Johnny Depp, Parts & Labor, DD/MM/YYYY, Carlton Melton among others - Iron Dracula is the band's first release. An intense, biting 4 minutes of articulate and skewed hardcore from members of yndi halda and A Lily.

Weird Wives - scene stalwarts in and around their home town of Miami - are a chaotic punk 4-piece that divebomb between apocalyptic, reverberous darkness and elephantine, squalling thunder. Gila, is in name and in character, a monster; their first release following 2011's insane *Some Motherfuckers Gonna Be Walking ‘Round With a Size 9 Diehard up Their Ass, Cause Apparently They Ain’t Never Seen a Short AC Man Get Bad Ass on Methadone *LP.

Vinyl Colours:
250 x Blue/Grey/White
250 x Red/Yellow Mix

Digital downloads included with vinyl (featuring additional bonus tracks by both bands!)