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Rivulets - You Are My Home CD (O Rosa Records)

Image of Rivulets - You Are My Home CD (O Rosa Records)

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We have, in You Are My Home, a wintry, longing and grippingly beautiful record. Moments of warmth are carried – resonate, even – through passages of great yearning. The heartbreakingly lingering finger-picked guitar; warm, full orchestral arrangements and enveloping, delicate vocal deliveries that make up You Are My Home are to be treasured, held close like sunlight in Alaska.

The guest musicians on this record are stellar: legendary jazz cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm; Shellac's Bob Weston; Rachel's' Christian Frederickson.

This is a record that stands so complete and so singularly in the field; there is enough sentiment here to fill a whole back catalogue of recordings, and O Rosa Records is proud to present this truly breathtaking release.

1 – Glass Houses
2 – Can’t I Wonder
3 – You Are My Home
4 – Heartless
5 – Motioning
6 – Greenhouse
7 – Win or Lose
8 – To Be Home
9 – You Sail On
10 – Happy Ending
11 – Morning Light
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