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Whip - R. Mutt's Blues CDEP (O Rosa Records)


Sweet, hushed tones and delicately cracking vocals with plaintive and genuinely stirring lyrics. R. Mutt’s Blues is the record that saw Jason slowly return from almost dead; after an entire year of phonographic inactivity, the first months of 2007 saw Whip release this stunning EP and accompanying full length, as well as some wonderful live performances on this side of that great Atlantic. The title refers to Marcel Duchamp’s oft-misunderstood Dadaist masterpiece ‘Fountain’, and is a knowing and cheerful allegory to something we may never understand. These songs will melt hearts.


1 – Beast of Each
2 – How Can I Turn
3 – Swim for Shore
4 – Great Wall of China
5 – Wrecking Crew
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